Hello! I'm Andrei Badea

A software engineer and a passionate blockchain enthusiast. I thrive in exploring and using cutting-edge technologies to remain at the forefront of the digital world. I am an ambitious individual, always hungry for knowledge and eager to take on new challenges.

Andrei Badea

I am a recent graduate from Politehnica University of Bucharest with a degree in Computer Science. I possess a strong skill set that includes proficiency in debugging, adaptability, teamwork, quick learning of new technologies, and effective communication. I am an active individual with a passion for sports, having been a competitive athlete in badminton for over 10 years.

+40 752 185 337

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About Me


Bachelors degree in Computer Science

Duration: 2019-2023


1+ year as Blockchain Software Engineer

Duration: 2022-present

https://cursuri.telacad.ro/certificates/b9b04e9ce45749c1a9793cc50417c5d7-/images/telecom-icon.pngShow credential

My Work

image-of-project-Parking Lots DApp - FrontEnd & Integration Part

Parking Lots DApp - FrontEnd & Integration Part


This decentralized app simplifies city parking with fast map-based searches and allows users to buy, sell, or monitor parking spaces.

image-of-project-Parking Lots DApp - Smart Contracts

Parking Lots DApp - Smart Contracts


This Solidity project involves digital contracts featuring an NFT marketplace, a lending system, NFT collections, and an ERC20 token, creating a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem for digital assets and decentralized finance.

image-of-project-Ecommerce App - Backend

Ecommerce App - Backend


The project serves as the backbone of an e-commerce application, featuring a complex user registration and location system. It incorporates a robust database structure and enforces strong security principles.

image-of-project-Application for managing data of a courier company

Application for managing data of a courier company


This desktop application caters to courier companies, providing various functions for effectively managing, manipulating, and viewing the company's data.

Work Experience - RoadMap

Blockchain Software Engineer

Softbinator Technologies